Pine/Hardwood Seedlings for Commercial Forestry/Reforestation


Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)

loblolly-300The Loblolly Pine is the most widely grown commercial timbe

r species in the southeastern United States. It is one of the most versatile, fastest growing pines and can grow well on various sites from east Texas to southern Missouri and to north Florida to south New Jersey. It grows in height 50 to 80 feet tall with a trunk of up to 24 inches at optimum harvest age. With intensive management, Loblolly Pine is grown in crop rotations of 22 to 28 years with productivity ranging from 6 to 10 tons per acre per year, depending on site quality and the level of genetic improvement.  Loblolly prefers well drained acidic soil.

Available as Open Pollinated,  Mass Control Pollinated, and Varietal. Bareroot and Containerized

Longleaf Pine
(Pinus palustris)

393px-Longleaf_Pine01The Longleaf Pine is a commercial timber species known for its high quality lumber. It is also being used for wildlife habitat restoration, especially related to the red-cockaded woodpecker and the gopher tortoise. The Longleaf grows well on many soil types, preferring deep sand, and has a range from east Texas to central Florida and northward to southern Virginia. It can grow to heights of 60 to 125 feet and grows in well drained, acidic soils.

Available as Open Pollinated. Containerized.

Slash Pine
(Pinus elliottii)

Slash Pine LeafWEBSlash Pine is a commercial timber species in the southeastern United States. A fast growing pine, the Slash is native to wetter, swampy grounds, but will grow well on a variety of sites from east Texas to central Florida to South Carolina. This tree grows from 75 to 100 feet tall with a 2 foot trunk diameter. Slash likes a variety of acidic soils.

Available as Open Pollinated. Containerized



Plantation Hardwoods

hardwoods-content-photoArborGen plantation hardwood species include Cottonwood, Hybrid Poplar, Sweetgum and Hybrid Sweetgum. In parts of the United States, these trees have the potential to substantially increase forest productivity for pulp production, solid wood applications and feedstock for biomass.

One of the fastest growing hardwoods ArborGen produces is Eucalyptus. In fact this tree can reach full height by age 7. Eucalyptus forests have been planted and sustainably managed in many countries around the world. Eucalyptus is grown in the United States in those regions most similar to Brazil’s temperate climate including south Texas, south Florida and along the Gulf coast.

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Hardwoods for Reclamation, Reforestation and Restoration

wildlife-mitigationArborGen carries various hardwood species in our effort to support wetlands mitigation, stream restoration, mine reclamation, reforestation and wildlife habitat enhancement. In addition, we grow hardwood seedlings for wildlife conservation. Trees like the Alleghany Chinkapin, Hickory, Sumac and others provide seeds, fruits and nuts that are favored by deer, birds and other wildlife.

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