Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)

loblolly-300The Loblolly Pine is an important commercial timber species in the southern states of Brazil where the climate and growing conditions are similar to its native range. It exhibits fast growth and can be used for solid wood products as well as for pulp and paper. Loblolly pine prefers a temperate climate and well drained acidic soil and grows well on a variety of sites in the Brazilian states of Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and south of São Paulo state. This species exhibits growth rates of approximately 25 metric tons per hectare per year (11.15 U.S. tons per acre per year) with rotations between 18 to 25 years.

Available as Open Pollinated, Mass Control Pollinated. and Varietal.


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urophylla hybrids)

800pxEucalyptus-grandis-lf-flwrThe most widely planted Eucalyptus is a hybrid between Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urophylla.
Eucalypts are the predominant hardwood species grown all over Brazil. Growing requires special attention to site selection, nutrients and silvicultural treatment. Eucalypts are primarily grown for pulp, paper and charcoal production (steelmaking segment).

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