U.S. Operations

ArborGen sells its products in the U.S. to a mix of customers ranging from integrated wood product companies, timber real estate investment trusts (REITs), timber investment management organizations (TIMOs), and private growers who may plant from a few acres to thousands of acres. Pine products are generally purchased for sawtimber and pulpwood production with growing interest in bioenergy. Customers for the majority of ArborGen’s current hardwood products are private growers or conservation interests looking to establish hardwoods for restoration, recreation or aesthetic value. Eucalyptus customers are generally hardwood consuming companies that seek raw material for wood, fiber and energy.

ArborGen prides itself on having the most widely recognized brand of seedlings, SuperTree Seedlings®, a large and diverse customer base, excellent customer service and state of the art technology. Currently, we have the broadest and most advanced product portfolio of Pine and hardwood planting stock in the United States.

Nurseries and Orchards
ArborGen operates seven nurseries and 15 distribution sites in the Southeastern United States, representing the most extensive and flexible production and delivery system in the industry. High quality Pine and hardwood seedlings are delivered fresh to customers from nurseries, satellite coolers or directly to planting sites in refrigerated vans. This distribution system creates the flexibility to move seedlings between regions, allowing rapid response to markets and customers. 

Because of the high value of Pine seedlings in commercial forestry in the Southeast, ArborGen operates eight Pine seed orchards containing a full range of Pine genetics diversified across the Southeast, which is important since the region is prone to hurricanes. Our Pine seed orchards vary in age from mature to developing, and provide a reliable source of continued seed production. ArborGen operates three seed processing centers, and maintains an extensive Pine seed inventory, in addition to a limited amount of hardwood seed for commercially valuable hardwoods.