Pine Varietal Technology
In a typical stand, only a very small percentage of trees possess the ideal traits preferred by growers and customers. These Elite Pine trees are most likely to produce offspring that will exhibit similar ideal traits. However, not all seeds from an Elite Pine tree will produce trees similar to the parent. This is where ArborGen makes a difference. Part of our unique expertise is in our ability to identify and cultivate Elite Pine trees that express the best combination of traits, then producing these trees for our customers through our proprietary production technology.

Pine varieties are produced from the exact replication of bred and selected trees with the highest growth performance and quality characteristics utilizing the process of somatic embryogenesis. The uniformity and productivity benefits from varietals create significant value for landowners.

Customers can choose varietals with improved productivity, straightness and branching characteristics that will optimize the value of their land. Our portfolio of varietals consists of Loblolly Pine and Radiata Pine.

Conventional tree breeding and selection is a continuous, but slow cycle of improvement.

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