Conventional Pine Seedling Technology

Using the best of our high performance trees, ArborGen has developed seed orchards to ensure that all of our Pine seedlings begin with an excellent genetic inheritance. Utilizing our best Elite germplasm, ArborGen has grown and identified parent trees that provide fast growth and good form and great resistance to disease, stress and insects. ArborGen has designed breeding programs to combine the specific traits of our top trees to produce truly superior seedlings.

Conventional seedlings are produced using two different forms of breeding processes:

  • Open Pollinated (OP) Pine seedlings are produced from seed collected from trees benefiting from multiple generations of conventional tree breeding. ArborGen offers OP seedlings for Loblolly Pine, Radiata Pine, Sweetgum and Eucalyptus.
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  • Mass Control Pollinated™ (MCP) Seedlings are produced from crossing specific elite parents to generate seeds with the highest genetic potential. These seeds have significant productivity improvements over OP seeds. In the US ArborGen is currently the only significant supplier of MCP®Seedlings. MCP seedlings are a significant component ArborGen’s product offering in New Zealand and Australia as well. The Elite parents are selected on key productivity traits of growth, form, branching and resistance to disease.
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