Technology Platform
ArborGen has the world’s leading fully integrated technology platform for introducing, testing and commercializing purpose grown trees. By applying advanced breeding and silvicultural technologies, the world’s supply of purpose grown trees could be grown on roughly five to ten percent of the acreage it requires today. Finding ways to grow more productive trees in more efficient ways on less land to keep up with global demand is what ArborGen is all about. Whether it’s for bioenergy, cellulosic ethanol, lumber, pulp and paper, flooring, wood furniture, fine writing paper or recyclable and renewable packaging, trees are one of the world’s great renewable resources when grown and managed sustainably.

The ArborGen technology platform brings together conventional breeding alongside cutting edge proprietary techniques in varietal technology and advanced biotechnology. This will ensure that our product development program will deliver the best performing products for its customers.

ArborGen’s technology platform is supported by three critical processes:

1. Germplasm Development — a broad germplasm collection that represents a wide range of genetic material from which to draw; the continuous identification and breeding of improved germplasm, which is the basis for all current and future products

2. Forest Management Systems — determining the silvicultural practices or management systems that will be applied to ensure our seedlings grow to produce the highest value trees for the preferred end user.

3. Commercial Scale-Up — the science and methodologies to consistently propagate and deliver millions of consistent, high quality seedlings.