SuperTree Seedlings®

Cutting Edge Breeding Techniques for Improved Pine Seedlings
ArborGen SuperTree Seedlings® include the mostly widely grown tree species in the commercial forestry industry, such as Loblolly Pine, Radiata Pine and Eucalyptus.  We continue to enhance the traits of these species, including growth rates, yields, stress-tolerance, uniformity, wood quality and processing efficiency.  We develop seedlings specifically designed to meet our customers' needs and provide significant additional value to our customers at different price points and in whichever geography or end-market they serve, whether it is pulp and paper, wood products or bioenergy.  Some end markets need trees with taller, straighter growth.  Others need trees that have more wood density.

Through careful selection, tree breeding and advanced techniques, including biotechnology, ArborGen is developing seedlings that enhance the most desirable characteristics of a tree and reliably reproduce them on a large scale. ArborGen commonly uses four production processes: