Product Pipeline

Our goal is to revolutionize the productivity of the global commercial forestry industry and significantly improve the productivity of a given acre of timberland for our customers around the world.  In addition to our ongoing advanced tree improvement programs, we currently have more than 20 advanced and biotechnology products under development.  These include freeze tolerant tropical Eucalyptus, Short Rotation Populus, Short Rotation Loblolly Pine, Short Rotation Eucalyptus and improved pulping tropical Eucalyptus, as well as next generations of our MCP and varietal products.

We are the first and only company with a biotechnology forestry product currently under review for deregulation by the USDA and have the largest number of biotechnology forestry products approved for field testing in the United States and Brazil.  We have designed our advanced and biotechnology products to suit particular geographies and end-markets by modifying certain targeted genetic traits such as freeze tolerance for certain areas of the Southeastern United States and improved lignin content to reduce costs for pulp and biofuels processors in Brazil. As a result, these products provide a significant increase in value to our customers compared to the conventional products that we currently offer. Our technology platform also gives us ability to “stack” product traits at marginal additional cost to us. For example, we can combine a short rotation product with a product with superior wood quality, or a fast growing Eucalyptus product with a product that exhibits freeze tolerance.



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