Superior Seedlings for Wood, Fiber and Energy

Pine trees are one of the most valuable and versatile commercial trees because they are a source of wood, fiber and energy and they are grown across a wide range of soil types and geographies.  The Pine species most commonly used for commercial purposes in the Southeastern United States are Loblolly Pine (pinus taeda), Slash Pine (pinus elliottii) and Longleaf Pine (pinus palustris).  Loblolly Pine is also grown commercially in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.  In New Zealand, Australia and Chile, Radiata Pine (pinus radiata) is the Pine species most commonly used for commercial purposes.  Currently, ArborGen produces and sells Loblolly, Slash and Longleaf Pine in the Southeastern United States and Radiata Pine in New Zealand and Australia, which are developed using one of the world’s leading repositories of Pine germplasm.  We sell multiple generations of our open pollinated Loblolly and Radiata Pine products and we also offer elite open pollinated, mass control pollinated and varietal Loblolly and Radiata Pine products.  These higher-value products represents increasing gains in genetic value and returns on investment with each generation, including superior growth, yield, straightness, uniformity, wood quality and stress-tolerance.

More Wood. Less Land.®